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Crate Hire/Rental
extra strong & secure

Crate Hire/Rental 

Moving home, office building, floor or relocating staff and don’t know what to do with the files and documents and personal belongings. Then hire our office moving crates if looking to move or refurbish your office.

Our crates are delivered where you need them not on your doorstep. Allow staff to self-pack for the move Our plastic moving crates are perfect for personal belongings and files. When not in use the crates can be stacked inside each other for storage and stacked when full.

They are extra strong and secure protecting items stored safely within and no need to build or assemble like carboard boxes. To take the hassle out of moving contact us today to discuss your crate hire requirements.

Office Moves - Furniture & Storage Relocation
office move masters

Office Moves - Furniture & Storage Relocation

Moving office to another building, floor or City and wanting it carried out with minimal disruption to your business? Office Move Masters forms part of File Masters provides our clients with a wider range of business change and move services.

We manage the day-to-day relocation within modern offices of people, furniture and equipment. As well as carrying out on-site porterage and ‘churn’ responsibilities, we work closely with managers and staff to plan critical paths and communicate programmes before the move.

We consult with individuals, reassure staff and provide continuity during the change.  We can dismantle and move your existing office furniture/storage system and then move carefully to your new location for re-assembly.

Dismantle & Disposal - Office Furniture & Shelving
recycling of old furniture

Dismantle & Disposal - Office Furniture & Shelving

Our experienced and highly trained fitters can dismantle and dispose of any unwanted office furniture or shelving systems from your office premises.

Owing to increased legislation on environmental responsibility, businesses now have a Duty of Care to ensure that action is taken regarding the disposal or recycling of old furniture or stock.

Space Planning
efficient use of space

Space Planning

We can optimise storage capacity and improve productivity and efficiency. It’s all about clever design, efficient use of space and effective space planning from our workplace furniture specialists to solve problems.

File Masters we can assist you make use of every inch of your work area, as well as giving you an environment that will improve and inspire your staff the way you do business.

Contact us to arrange an initial no obligation consultation and a review of your current space utilisation and discuss the project brief and objectives.

Space Planning
compliment your storage

File Folder & Wallet Supply

We can provide file folders and wallets for a wide range of administration tasks.

This complements the storage units and shelving systems we supply to fully utilise your filing and storage capacity.

Contact us for more information.